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Mega Code Kelly

EMHF donates $10,800 for MC Kelly at Athens Tech

(L-R) Athens Technical College (ATC) Foundation Chair Ed Graham, Elbert Memorial Hospital (EMH) Foundation Executive Director Nancy Seymour, EMH Foundation Chair Paul Rainer and ATC Director of Institutional Advancement Jennifer Griffeth.

Athens Technical College Foundation and Elbert Memorial Hospital Foundation officials attended the Jan. 12 EMH Foundation Board meeting to express appreciation for the EMH Foundation's recent $10,800 donation for the purchase of a Mega Code Kelly.

EMH Foundation Chair Paul Rainer said, "The Foundation Board wanted to give back to the community and support Athens Tech in the new Public Safety Training Center on the Elbert County Campus. This donation will be of great benefit to the Emergency Medical students."

This incredible piece of equipment simulates an actual patient and allows students to learn and perfect their emergency medical skills. On MC Kelly you can take a pulse, count respirations, take a blood pressure, listen to lung sounds and heart sounds. An instructor can even speak with students via the speakers in the manikin allowing students to conduct a patient interview just as they would in the field.

This teaching manikin will be used in the new Emergency Medical Technician lab and will allow the teaching of advanced continuing education classes, such as ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support). Each of these classes will be taught at the Public Safety Training Center located at the Athens Technical College, Elbert County Campus.

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