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Sleep Lab Opens

AnMed Health brings Sleep Lab to Elberton area

The AnMed Health Sleep Lab at Elbert Memorial Hospital will begin accepting patients by physician referral on June 1.
The Sleep Center includes two EMH rooms outfitted for comfort - more like a hotel room than a hospital room. Patients who take part in a sleep study will learn important information about how much they sleep at night and the quality of their breathing during sleep. The sleep study will be conducted by technicians and the results will be interpreted by one of three AnMed Health board certified sleep specialists.
"A poor night's sleep is not just an inconvenience that causes sleepiness and fatigue the next day," says Jeff Cotton, sleep clinic manager at AnMed Health Lung and Sleep Center. "Severe sleep problems can mean serious medical problems. People with moderate to severe sleep apnea face an increased risk of stroke, for example. There are also links to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and cognitive decline. If anyone has said your breathing isn't normal while you sleep, it could be time to talk to your physician."
Area residents who have not yet talked to a doctor about potential sleep problems can take an online assessment here. Results of the assessment can be printed out and taken to the physician visit for discussion.

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